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About Caramel

Over Caramel

Caramel is a young production company founded in the autumn of 2018 by Manten Van Gils and Eva Meyer.

Caramel wants to be a place where creative fantasies are molded, where collaborations arise and where new talent finds a platform. But above all Caramel wants to make projects that stick.

Like #Letters, for example, in which a composer and a poet, without a predetermined framework, enter into a conversation with each other – each from his own language. The result is a mysterious, haunting performance with ZoĆ« Croegaert and the Raphaela quartet.

Or Aminorella, a fearless princess who seduces you in front of you. She will show you every corner of jazz! A contagious performance for young and old, for the experienced ear and for the taster. Aminorella is realised with the support of the Belgian tax shelter.

For Caramel, the creative process always starts from the music. Music that does not allow itself to be pigeonholed, and for most diverse formations: from string quartet to symphonic orchestra, from jazz combo to big band. For Caramel, the most important thing is: how great is the adhesive power?

So feel free to stick around and discover our talented bands and our latest creations.

And get in touch!