New teaser:

A poetess and a composer start a correspondence. The experiment has only one rule: each keeps to his own language – the written word and the music played. What begins as a hesitant journey on a Babylonian mountain develops into an intriguing castle of thought.

The grip creates itself: the search for confirmation, for signs of understanding becomes the foundation of a new dialect.
How does the dialogue sound when everyone tries to understand the other’s background, and tries to put their own sketches next to it? Every letter writer moves in a spherical cloud, without top or orientation, with one uncertainty constantly looking over his shoulder: will the other person understand me? Will there be a unity when everyone talks from their own background?

About the pronounced and unspoken doubts of the artist, persistently unanswered questions, and how to deal with them.

Reactions from the audience:

  • I was completely in the zone.
  • Manten and Zoë wrapped me up completely. I shared the joy, the sadness, the anger…. What an emotionally surprising performance. An evolution. Or how a conversation shouldn’t always be conducted with words.
  • I actually want to see [the performance] again right away.
  • A tantalizing performance in which everyone recognizes a piece of themselves.
  • Words, music and seasons form the common thread and touch personal and social themes.