When I’m Old


When I’m old is een jazzwalz met een prachtige herkenbare melodie en soloruimte voor flugelhorn.



When I’m old is a jazz walz with a beautiful recognizable melody and solo space for flugelhorn.


1. alto saxophone/flute
2. alto saxophone
3. tenor saxophone
4. tenor saxophone
5. baritone saxophone

1. trumpet/flugelhorn
2. trumpet/flugelhorn
3. trumpet/flugelhorn
4. trumpet/flugelhorn
5. solo trumpet/flugelhorn

Trombone section
1. trombone
2. trombone
3. trombone
4. bass trombone

Rythm section
1. drums
2. guitar
3. piano
4. bass

When purchasing, please state your name or the organisation that buys the item. We will send you a certified and personalised copy in PDF format of both the transposed score and the individual parts.


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