Dreamin’ is Q-Some Big Band’s debut album and contains an hour of homegrown music: 10 sparkling new compositions by the Q-Some Composer Hub. There is great variation and at the same time a clear common line: there are no more boxes. These are musical painters swimming through many waters, skilfully playing and writing, with a brush, painting knife and everything else they can get hold of.

Artistic direction: Manten Van Gils, Lode Mertens
Compositions: Gabriele di Franco (5), Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (9), Manten Van Gils (2-3-4-6-7-8-10-11), Robbe Willems (1)

1 – Prototype
2 – Square Planet
3 – Raw – part I
4 – Raw – part II
5 – Blues for F
6 – Playful
7 – A Girl named Eddie
8 – Flugled
9 – For Klaus
10 – Powerful People
11 – Soft Viking

Saxes: Dieter Vaganee, Arthur Hirtz, Marjan Van Rompaey, Tobias Volckaert, Tom Cautaerts
Trombones: Manten Van Gils, Kristof Decoster, Roel Vanacker, Els Verbruggen
Trumpets: Ruben Vanacker, Jany Van Lul, Thadeus Jolie, Marthe Van Droogenbroeck, Pierre-Antoine Savoyat
Rythm section: Gabriele di Franco, Robbe Willems, Wim Ramon, Brecht Adriaenssens

Recording engineer: Koen Herman
Mixing: Koen Heirman, Manten Van Gils
Mastering: Frederik Dejongh
Catering & love: Eva Meyer
Recorded @ DAFT, mixed @ Record Office, mastered @ Jerboa Mastering



Release Date : 14 March 2020
Artists : Manten Van Gils, Q-Some Big Band
Format : CD