Q-Some Big Band – Consoulin’ (Download)




Consoulin’ is the 2nd cast of Q-Some Big Band.

The music has been written by the Q-Some Composer Hub, a team of four musical pen pals who seek and isolate, listen and write, judge and inspire, delete and eliminate, sweat and relax, balance and ponder…

Consoulin’ means fraternization, the act of putting together of the soul, and the soul’s thoughts, not only between composers, but with the whole band. Hence 9 pieces by 4 composers, each telling their own story, played by 18 passionate musicians.

Ed Partyka, the always kind, but equally strict master of his craft, read along thoroughly, assisted us beyond the call of duty and saw that it was good. It is no coincidence that the piece ‘Berlin’ won a prize at the Helsinki International Big Band Composing Contest.

Consoulin’ is the mature fruit of a band that has grown artistically in times of crisis and has become even closer, more intense and better.

Artistic direction: Manten Van Gils
Compositions: Gabriele di Franco (4-7), Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (1-3-5), Manten Van Gils (6-9), Robbe Willems (2-8)

1 – This is Q-Some!
2 – Lady Leya
3 – Aux Martyrs Ignorés
4 – Berlin
5 – Lausanne
6 – African Mindfuck
7 – Nguè
8 – The True Believer
9 – Hot Waltz

Saxes: Dieter Vaganée, Pierre Lagache, Marjan Van Rompay, Tobias Volckaert, Arthur Hirtz
Trombones: Manten Van Gils, Kristof Decoster, Roel Vanacker, Els Verbruggen
Trumpets: Ruben Vanacker, Jany Van Lul, Thadeus Jolie, Marthe Van Droogenbroeck, Pierre-Antoine Savoyat
Rythm section: Gabriele di Franco, Robbe Willems, Wim Ramon, Brecht Adriaenssens

Recording engineer: Koen Herman @ DAFT Studios
Mixing & Mastering: Koen Heirman, Manten Van Gils @ Record Office
Catering & love: Tatiane Gartner & Celine Decoster