Jazz Anchor is a duo of trombonist Manten Van Gils and guitarist Peter Verbraken. Both Peter and Manten have composed music that fits into this unusual but very tasteful combination of instruments. The style has strong influences from Philip Catherine, Chet Baker and so on, and ends up in the softer, more refined regions of jazz. The name Jazz Anchor is linked to the city of Mechelen and its brewery, Het Anker, but also to possible collaborations with additional musicians, or the locations where we drop anchor.

Jazz Anchor exists in duo, trio (+ bass), quartet (+drums) and quintet (extra horn) formation.

In 2020, Jazz Anchor Quartet released their album ‘To be’, available on bandcamp now!

  1. Major Move Jazz Anchor 2:54
  2. A Monday Lounge Jazz Anchor 3:41
  3. La_Salvaje 4:55
  4. She touches Jazz Anchor 2:23

Jazz Anchor

Release Date : January 30, 2020
Artists : Jazz Anchor, Manten Van Gils
Genre : Jazz
Format : CD