1. Letters #13 - Ten dans 2:24
  2. Dartelle 3:07
  3. fragment #letters (finale) 1:48

The Mechelen based composer Manten Van Gils, who you may also know from his work with Q-Some Big Band and Jazz Anchor, opens a completely different register: music for string quartet. In recent years he has written a collection of quartet music, with both a number of individual pieces and the suite entitled #Letters. The result is cinematic and tactile, with powerful, prominent melody lines and a broad harmonic vocabulary.

The Raphael Quartet, a company specially assembled for this music, brings the score to life with refreshing panache and appropriate intimacy, in which the viola plays an important role. The Raphael Quartet consists of Stefaan De Rycke, Liesbet Jansen, Diede Verpoest and Vincent Werbrouck.


The music of Manten Van Gils – String Quartets

Artist : The Raphael Quartet
Format : CD