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The press about ‘dreamin’

I listened to the tracks and the band sounds terrific, congratulationsto all.Michael Abene, grammy winning producer, composer, arranger The compositions are professional and beautifully crafted, captivating and very enjoyable to listen to.Marc Van de Walle in Jazz&Mo Couleurs et fraîcheur des compositions et arrangements fait bien sûrpenser aux débuts du BJO C’est une vraie...Continue reading...

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#letters – audience feedback

“I was totally in the zone.”

“Manten and Zoë totally wrapped me up. I shared the joy, the sadness, the anger…. What an emotionally surprising performance. An evolution. Or how a conversation doesn’t always have to be with words.”

“I actually want to see [the performance] again straight away.”

“A stimulating performance in which everyone recognises a bit of themselves.”

“Words, music and seasons are the common thread and touch on personal and social themes.”